Can't believe

I can't believe that I live here.

Took a drive up Cedar Canyon when Tyler's dear sister Cassidy and her husband came to visit us.

This is a view of Zion's from the canyon.

I can't believe how good it is to be back in Utah.

I also can't believe I get to be a mother to these delicious little girls.

Caroline is such a little twinkler.


  1. She is a little twinkler! You would never know from those smiling, angelic pictures that she is actually the DEVIL! Miss you!

  2. P.S. That picture of your family is adorable!

  3. your girls really are delicious. i think it works out well that you have girls the same ages as my own personal two little boys. shall we plan some nuptials?

  4. That was SO much fun to visit you! I love seeing these pictures. That really was such an incredible and majestic view. Your girls really are adorable!

  5. I love your twinkler and your views are amazing. Can I come?


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