Birthday Girl

A few things about Debra:

1) Her daughter sometimes calls her “Princess Mommy.” This is because she recognizes that Debra is as pretty as a Disney princess. Plus wild animals help her with the housework.

2) She is enthusiastic. I deliberately and consciously under-react to good news, but Debra can’t help herself. She’ll take any excuse to be excited and enthusiastic.

3) She can’t go shopping without returning with something new for the girls to play with. And chocolate chips.

4) Most people are afraid to reveal their moral and ethical shortcomings to others. Debra is frank about hers, and not in a “That’s who I am and you better like it” way. She’s just not afraid to admit her faults. Most people are more comfortable admitting others’ faults.

5) She has the most beautiful voice on earth.

6) When she gets into bed, it takes her 22 minutes to properly adjust the pillows and blankets. TWENTY-TWO MINUTES of uninterrupted adjusting. Then she is absolutely silent for the rest of the night.


  1. Wow, what a great hubby. I just love it that you love my sister. She truly is one of the most incredible people I have ever known.

  2. What a great post T-dub!I love that your daughters call her princess mommy. And I completely agree that she does in fact have the most beautiful voice on the planet. It also makes me laugh that you have times her bedtime adjustments. Happy belated b-day Debra!

  3. I love what you love about Deb, Tyler...maybe you deserve her :)


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