I'm still here.

I seem to have lost my will for blogging. However, I have super cute babies, so you should forgive me immediately.

Spring is here. Loving those sunny, 60s/70s days intermixed with snowstorms.

I'm not sure why I'm getting so many people I don't know commenting on my blogs. Is that a good thing? Is it weird? I don't know.

The point is, I have nothing to say.


  1. Your girls ARE adorable Debra and that makes it all okay. :D Although you are missed in the "blogosphere" when you don't post...but it many of your posts look new to me because it's been so long since I've checked in. So it's all good! How's Cedar? My sister loved it. I think they lived there for 4 years?

    Oh, and I think the people you don't know commenting is a little weird. At least they could say who they are, or why they follow, or who's blog led them to you?Strange...

  2. That post was like a fun day in your house relaxing with your girls! I love it...you look pretty :)

  3. I LOVE these pictures! I can't believe how big baby Caroline is getting! I love the picture with Claire in the glasses, and with the chocolate face. I also love that my brother's hat made an appearance in your blog. I am very surprised it has not fallen apart yet. Loves!


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