Post Birthday Reflection

My 37th birthday can be summed up with one word, and that is CAKE.


There were the banana pancakes my husband made me in the early morning.

The Pastry Pub Tiger Chocolate cake my husband brought me in the afternoon.

The personalized "Happy Birthday Debra" cake made by my visiting teacher and friend, Deb M.

And the Cafe Rio Tres Leches cake purchased by my lovely lady friends at lunch.

It was truly a cakealicious birthday. And some of it actually made it to the next day, which made me kind of proud of myself. The self that lately is a big fan of pretty constant face-stuffing.

Another birthday gift - this gracious lady has joined us.

My Grandma Kidd, who has lived in beautiful Northern California her whole life, decided to try Salt Lake City for a change.

We're so glad to have her. I hope she likes Utah as much as I do.


  1. Wow, I just wish I could have been as lucky as your friends chatting with you over your lunch cake. We are so blessed to have our Grandma with us!!

  2. A big 'ol Bresock welcome to Grandma Kidd! Hope she likes Salt Lake and how exciting for you all to have her near.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Debra dear,
    Happy days will come to you all year.
    If I had a wish that it would be...
    A happy happy (belated) birthday from you to me!

  4. Happy late Birthday to one of my very best friends. You are a fabulous sister and a lovely human being! Lahvoo


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