We have a 3 1/2 hour drive up to Salt Lake. I always dread it (because of a certain little baby who doesn't like being her her carseat that long).

Oh? She wouldn't hurt a fly, eh?

But it really is such a beautiful drive.

It's like heaven when they're sleeping, it's a sunny day, and I've got a good pair of sunglasses on.

Let's not talk about when they wake up and we still have an hour and a half left.

Let's never, ever talk about it. Unless it's during therapy.


  1. I refuse to believe that anything but sweetness and rainbows ever come from their mouths. Look at how peaceful and precious they are!!
    But in reality, I really don't know how you do. I am just really really thankful that you do!

  2. Deb, they ARE angels...they ARE!!

  3. Deb...they ARE NOT angels...they aren't!!

  4. the last comment was actually NICALEE!!! Woops!!


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