He's getting up there

Celebration time, come on.
Today is Tyler's birthday. Thus, here are some random facts.
1. He has the greatest arms and shoulders. Shallow, you say? How judgmental of you. Here's my line of thinking: that bod's not going to last forever, and I will love him wildly regardless. But while he's got it, do excuse me while I enjoy.
2. He listens - not pretend listens while he thinks of what he's going to say next. He is an interesting person, but generally he is more interested in the person he's talking to.
3. He is a merciless tease.
4. Loves to hide in closets and jump out at his girls. And chase his girls. And throw his girls in the air. He is a human playground, really.
5. He is slow to judge and draw conclusions about people.
6. Loves to slap my posterior, hard, every chance he gets. It is so annoying!
Love you, babe.

And so do certain little girls.


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