Where have YOU been?

I posted something funny (well, I thought so), made a grammatical error, and couldn't correct it because blogspot hates me, somehow lost the whole post. The gist is: Tyler's job is now tenure-track, we bought a house, I'm not nauseated anymore, and we've been potty-training Claire.

Then I posted a pic of our cute new boy. It looked something like this:

And now, it is 10pm, 30 minutes past my bedtime. Pretend I was funny and charming, won't you?


  1. wow -- this post was so funny. and also so charming.

    congrats on the baby boy!

  2. He is SOOO cute!
    You've outdone yourselves....again.

  3. I won't pretend, because I feel ripped off and I feel ANGER!!! You are neither funny nor charming, all you make me feel is bitterness.

  4. Sorry, but I just checked your blog.
    Awesome news about the baby boy.
    It will be different, trust me!

  5. Congratulations to both of you! Our baby boy.is due March 5. Got all chokey looking at the pic you put up on facebook...pg hormones'll do that to you. :D

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