Looking great at thirty eight

A few facts about the birthday girl:

1) Debra was an excellent daughter to her father.

2) Recently Claire knocked over her drink and spilled it all over. Immediately Claire said, "It's OK, accidents happen sometimes." Only children of an extremely patient mother have that reaction.

3) We have a lot of TV channels. Yet somehow she is always watching one of two movies on cable: 40 Year Old Virgin or The Fugitive.

4) She can't help but love our 3rd. Even when he keeps her up all night, a little smile in the morning melts her heart.

 5) She eats cereal for 2/3 of her meals every day. She will make me a nice savory meal, then pour herself a bowl of Trix.

6) Her other gastronomical love is cheese. If anyone combined cheese and cereal, she would never leave the table.

7) As you read this, she is on the phone with one--or both--of her sisters. One of them is getting all worked up about something. (They take turns.)

8) She hates the idea of being tough, but she is tough. She manages 3 children, ages 3, 1, and 0, and still manages to take good care of her husband and home.