And So I Will Try Again

I stopped blogging because Matthew was...a challenge. There, you have it. I was overwhelmed, not just by three children as opposed to two, but by my children. Facebook was an easier way to put my thoughts and children's great accomplishments out into the world.

However. I will attempt, yet again, to document mine and the children's lives in a way that any remaining blog friends can enjoy.

Like I announced on Facebook, I am pregnant again. And it is most definitely a boy. It's alarming how we have already violated his privacy!

But I won't include that picture. If you know what I'm saying. Here's this one.

Judging from this picture, I think we can all agree that he is handsome, smart and kind.Good to know. There is no name yet. Tyler and I like to draw that drama out for as long as possible.

People, pray for me. Really, really pray for me. Because I am barely surviving three.