In Defense of Complaining

I really do love posts that encourage me to enjoy motherhood, slow down, and pay attention to the little things. They are important, and somehow they don't make me feel inadequate, which, whew.

I do, however, in the midst of all this dialogue about positivity, want to interject my endorsement of complaining.

I am a staunch advocate for complaining. Obviously not constant, nasty or mean complaining. I mean, "this is harder than I thought, I don't know how to handle this, I am mad/sad/discouraged, please help me" complaining. I am talking about authenticity, vulnerability, and asking for help.

Not to get all Mormon on you, but there's an important scripture in the Book of Mormon that talks about what it means to be God's people. God's people are "willing to bear one another's burden's, that they may be light." Mosiah 18:8

Religious or not, Mormon or not, I think we can all get on board with the idea of trusted friends sharing each other's burdens. As annoying as other people are, what in the world would we do without each other?

And I can't assist anyone in bearing someone's burden if I don't know what it is. Do you feel me, people? So I say talk about it. Choose someone you trust, someone who won't stare at you blankly, judge, or spread your burden around behind your back. And then let it all out. Then let it out again.

In my opinion, if you can laugh at things and you can be happy for people and you can start again on a regular basis, then you are not a negative person for complaining.


  1. Right on Sister! :) Vulnerability is authenticity, not weakness. I mean I don't know many who are as "tuff" as are pretty amazing Girl. :)


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