Good and Bad Nature

Tyler purchased some caterpillars that our kids could observe getting fat, making their chrysalises, and turning into butterflies.

At first they were kind of cute and little. Now they're getting...bigger. And fatter. Wriggling around, all fat, with their little legs moving. Frankly, they're grossing me out.

I know what Tyler would say to this. Several years ago he accused me of hating nature because I didn't like the four thousand squirrels that ran along our back fence

I absolutely and unequivocally disagree with his assessment of me. I love, love nature.

I love certain types of nature.

Fat caterpillars are nature. They are bad nature.
Butterflies floating on the breeze? Good nature.
Butterflies crawling on me? Bad nature.

Chipmunk - good nature.
Squirrel - bad nature.

A view of the majestic Utah mountains - good nature.
Climbing up one of those mountains - bad nature.
(Clarification: climbing down one of those mountains - good nature).

A bird soaring across the sky - good nature.
A bird pooping while soaring across the sky - bad nature.

I think these distinctions are important, because no one likes to be pooped on. Not even "nature lovers."

In conclusion, a final defense:


  1. Allow me to retort. Debra also hates clouds, lettuce, magnesium, pandas, and all of Belgium. Are they not part of nature?

    Although to be fair a few elite pieces of lettuce occasionally pass muster.


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