Little Flower

I told Tyler the other day that I'm old, fat and tired. (Female teenagers, that is negative self talk and I forbid it! Unless I'm doing it).

Who am I kidding, no female teenagers are reading this. Except April, and she's more mature than I am.

Tyler hugged me and said "only one of those is true." In case you're offended for me, he meant tired.

I am. I am so tired. I walked around at 2 am this morning bouncing a baby who wouldn't sleep and kept thinking to myself, "I'm 40. Forty, OK?"

I should be taking all my kids to school and having lunch with my friends.

Going on an overnight getaway with Tyler and not worrying about my baby who won't take a bottle anymore.

Not sleeping in two and three hour blocks.

But noooooo, we just had to do everything ten years late!

I will survive and learn and bloom where I am planted. But you know how sometimes you see a little flower growing out of a rock and you're super inspired by it? Maybe you even give a talk on it in church?

I'll bet that little flower feels bitchy sometimes.


  1. Amen Sister! Just remember with these little kids around you - 10 years later - people also think you are 10 years start saying "I am 30, thirty..." It will be true.. to you! FYI, last year - at this same time - I thought I was going to baby wasn't sleeping and waking up 2 times a night. It was long and I was extremely bottles..totally get it! But now, 1 year later - we are all back to normal...well, as normal as can be. GO Debra GO! You are awesome! It and YOU are worth it! Loves...

    1. I love to hear "a year ago" stories from women who are slightly ahead of me in this baby thing. :)

  2. I get it. I get it ALL. Preach it.

  3. Oh we are in the same boat. I just got started later - circle of life - seasons of life - I said this to myself last night while I cried while Henry cried at 1 am. NO BUENO!

    1. I totally just looked up no bueno.

  4. I am loving your new blog. I was up with our little prince 3 times last night and he's 9 months.


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