The point? I don't know.

When I was little my grandparents had a hummingbird feeder outside their kitchen window. I have such good memories of the sweet little birds, buzzing around congenially, feeding side by side. When Tyler started to get our yard in shape I bought a feeder, excited for my kids to have the same experience.

What surprised me is that hummingbirds are kind of…how to say this. They’re jerks. They’re just jerks to each other. We’ve never had more than one feed at the same time. They’re so busy chasing each other off it’s a wonder any of them actually eat.

I called my grandma to ask “is that what they were like way back when?” Maybe southern Utah hummingbirds were scrappier out of necessity, living in the desert and all. My grandparents did live in northern California.

No, she replied. They’re jerks.

Hummingbirds. You’re so cute. What do you have to be cranky about? You’re like the puppies or kittens of the bird world. You only have to bat your eyes and we jump to refill your free food.

See this picture of our hummingbird feeder?

Look closer.

One of our hummingbirds, about to take a drink. But wait. He hears something. He turns around.

 There he is, zooming out of the frame.

To chase another hummingbird away. This all happened while I was taking a picture of the feeder!

I just realized I'm talking about hummingbirds in our yard. Just talking and talking. And posting pictures. Are you asleep yet?

The point is, I'm sure there's some life lesson in there somewhere. But I'll let you figure it out because I have dishes to do.