Ah, the Gym

I went to a PIYO class yesterday.

I exercise for different reasons than I did at 20. At 20 my reasons were weight loss, trying to get skinny, and weight loss.

Now I'm starting to feel some aches and pains. I've lost some people by now, and I'm thinking about extension and quality of life.

So I was thinking PIYO for balance, strength, and flexibility.

If you know me, let me ask you.

Does this look like my kind of thing?

I truly wish you could have seen me.

There were about seven other students. Form fitting clothes (oversized BYU Law T-shirt). Comfortable in crazy poses (not). At some point they started contorting themselves into shapes that the law should not allow. At this point I muttered something to the effect of "oh hell, no" and just attempted some stretching.

I have set a goal to do yoga and PIYO for a month, which is the only reason I didn't walk out halfway through the class.

But I have a purpose! I am their self-proclaimed dunce! Every class needs one of those and I am a team player.


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