Dating Theme Song

When I was dating my sisters used to say it would be a miracle if I ever got married.

They promised that at my wedding reception they would stand on the table and sing "It's a Miracle" by the legendary Barry Manilow. If you have been privileged to hear that song, imagine my two sisters on the table, waving their arms back and forth to the music.

Better yet, start watching this at :40.

It didn't happen, by the way. It would have been so magical.

The point is, my dating theme song is "It's a Miracle," by the incomparable Barry Manilow.

My little sister's theme song is, without a doubt, Hall and Oates' "Maneater."

I haven't been able to think of one for my red-headed sister, although I'm hoping to find one titled "I Figured You Were Gay."