Epidural Post #1

What you see here are four epidurals.

I looooooove epidurals. Just saying the word fills my heart with happiness. I'm not even saying that to be funny. I'm serious. Just the thought of them makes me happy.

Epidurals don't just take the pain away. They allow you to use your time in labor to do important things.

Such as taking a nap.
Catching up on phone calls and texts.

Smiling. Not crying.
And enjoying  the fact that someone else is taking care of your three other kids.
Thanks, epidurals! Love you forever!


  1. Love the last picture, so funny!!

  2. I refer to them as "God's Gift to Women." I love epidurals so much. During my labor with #3, Kevin and I watched a movie that we brought with us. With #4, we watched a Pawn Stars marathon.


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