Epidural Post #2

I started thinking about sweet, sweet epidurals after reading a Facebook post in which a husband expressed great pride that his wife had all their children naturally.

That made me think of my husband, who always smiles and laughs when I go on tangents about how much I love epidurals.

Any man whose wife has her child naturally should be proud, because the woman that does that is a freaking soldier and my hat is eternally off to her.

If I labored naturally Tyler would be proud of me. But I am most emphatically not that kind of soldier. And he is still proud of me.

So while this started out as a post about the magical epidural, it is ending with one of the most cliched online sentiments out there: I love my husband.

 Just because it's cliched doesn't make it less true.


  1. That is what really matters! Husbands are priceless, especially if they are proud of you no matter what you choose. My husband started out thinking I was a crazy lady wanting them natural...but listening and loving me, he is proud of me too. I love my husband! You are a fun blogger! Thanks for sharing, Debra!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Hooray for awesome husbands.


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