Love and Cake

July 7th. Caroline's birthday cake.

August 27th. Claire's birthday cake.

My first time decorating a cake. Terrible.

Someday, for one reason or another, Claire might tell me I favor Caroline. And I'll show her this post. Because even though Caroline got the princess plates and the professionally decorated cake, none of the princesses ate it. It was gross. Sorry, Smith's of Cedar City. Calling it like I see it.

Claire's cake, however, was delicious (ask me about my awesome frosting recipe sometime). Everybody wanted seconds. And it was cheaper.

I've been thinking about the cakes with a little guilt but this is what I have concluded. I will always give my different kids different things, at different times, for my own reasons.

But no one, especially not my kids, is going to tell me I love one more than another. It's just not possible.

So there you go, 13 year old Claire. I told YOU.