Mercy for the Minivan

Minivans are another unpopular thing that I absolutely love.

If a minivan is going too slow, have mercy. That mom is most likely enjoying every second those kids are legally strapped to something.

If a minivan is tailgating you, have mercy. There is almost certainly a screaming baby or toddler in the back seat.

If the minivan has granola pieces all over the backseat, have mercy. The driver probably had to choose between cleaning that or the 14 juice spills on her kitchen floor.

If the driver in the minivan is glaring at you from her spot behind you in the McDonald's drive-thru, have mercy. Stop twirling your hair and asking inane questions. Order your dang food, and not in your drunk sorority-girl voice. Order like a grown up! And straighten those shoulders!

Anyhoo, this has been a message from a woman who drives a minivan.