Some Things are Better Than Pretty

Last night I was in bed thinking "what am I going to write. What am I going to write. What am I going to write."

And then I was thinking about Pretty in Pink. Holy cow, I love that movie.

But for some reason, last night, I was thinking, "Blane asks Andie to the prom. Duckie is jealous. Blane un-asks Andie to the prom. Andie goes anyway. Blane and Andie kiss." That's it? All the angst and pain and import? Over that?

This tells me I am 40.

Look at these people.

Look at their expressions. They are very cool, and more importantly, they are very serious about these serious issues. Serious.

This girl got that.

This picture is not about pretty (although, I acknowledge that I posted a flattering picture of myself because I wanted to so deal with it). It is about freshness. And well-rested-ness. And time-to-myself-ness. Look at my skin! That skin got 9.5 hours of sleep! That girl worried about Blane and Duckie and Andie and their super serious problems.

This girl doesn't get it.

Obviously, this picture is not about pretty, either. It is about yesterday's eyeliner, and getting reading done and lunch made and breakfast in tummies (my particular set of grown-up priorities). This girl scoffs at Prom Problems.

Not because Prom Problems are unimportant, because at the heart of them are universal issues like love and rejection and heartbreak.

It's because I just don't have time for them anymore. And honestly, that makes me really happy.

Sad, too.