Strain Every Never

We have been sick with colds for the last couple of weeks, and I was the last to get it. I, however, got it the worst of all.

When you’re an adult, the show must go on. So I’m sitting as much as I can, sitting with my gross kitchen, family-room floor, sitting with towering piles of laundry, etc., etc.

Sad, pathetic little me, I took a folding chair in my shower so I could sit. And there I was, water streaming over me and my baby crying to be held. Hacking, sore throat, weak, feverish.

Why are the bad days (weeks) the ones that feel like they’re going to last forever? When I’m down, really down, I feel like things have always been that way, and that they always will be.

This is the logo of an awesome, awesome t-shirt that Tyler bought in Japan. I have stolen it and will never return it.

What does it all mean, you ask? I don’t know. Neither does Tyler. Which is what makes it awesome.

The one part that makes sense: the longest day has an end.

I can confirm this is true, since I feel better this morning. Thank heaven for endings. Raise a glass to just getting through. High five for being able to look back on something hard.

It does its best, people. It does its best.


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