Dammit, Goals!

I set a goal for myself back in August that I was going to start writing on my blog regularly.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I said. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, before noon, for the next year.

I will be supermom! I will clean the kitchen, do the laundry, feed and clothe the kids, and do something creative just for myself!

What did it take me, like five weeks? I broke the "every MWF" goal back in September when Tyler was in Vienna. And Monday, the computer stared at me, mocking. You have nothing to say. And I believed it! Stupid, unsupportive computer.

Goals and I are generally not compatible. I would rationalize that I feel suffocated by them, but pretty much everything that isn't (1) going to a movie or (2) going out to lunch makes me feel suffocated.

The bright side: I am an example, a perfect example, of someone who gets up the next day and tries again after failure. I'm absolutely fantastic at that! (Failure, but also getting up after failure).

So. Set the goal and keep it as if your life depends on it. OR....

...do it for the most part, pretty much, most of the time.

Who's with me? (She says, all Braveheart).



  1. I love your updates. For reals. I need to set the same sort of goal because otherwise I'm just missing stuff and all the days seem too much the same.

  2. Bahahaha! I pretty much feel suffocated by anything more than a movie or lunch too. We should do both together sometime....


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