YOU Don't Forget to Fall Back!

I wish there were a word stronger than "hate." Because that's how I feel about Daylight Savings.

Saw this in my Facebook feed this morning and all I could say was YES. Yes, yes, yes. For shame!

If you're shrugging your shoulders in confusion at my rage then you haven't ever been awakened at 4:45. AM!

In other news, we got snow yesterday and this morning.

Here's the thing about kids. Just when you can't take one more "mommy open this" or "mommy where's my puppy" or one more toddler scream, this happens.

Your oldest walks her little brother into the house, gets a paper towel, and dusts the snow off his head, all without a word. Just business.


Your second takes a break from watching Tinkerbell to calm your crying baby.

In summary: Daylight Savings, booo! Siblings, yaaay!