Big Group Mom Hug

Did PIYO again last night. Kind of sore, but feeling good. Maybe there's hope for [my aching hip!] after all.

Was at the gym a couple of days ago dragging my four children into the child care center so I could exercise (and sit in the bathroom and surf on my phone for five minutes).

Two women were picking up their kids. Their legs. So fit, so toned, so thin. So encased by cute, colorful leggings. Looking something like this.


And for a minute my eyes narrowed and I thought, "you can look like that if you're 18. But you CANNOT look like that and come into the childcare center!"

Then I thought, "well, geez, of course, you each only have one kid."

Then I thought, "Debra, you didn't look like that when you had one kid."

Then I thought, "shut up, Debra."

Then, finally, I thought, "good for them." And I smiled at them.

I am a grown-up!

P.S. I was a grown-up.  Tuesday evening around 6.