Me and My Old Hip

I have an ouchy hip. The doctor tells me it's mild arthritis. But don't worry, it's mild. You have arthritis at the age of 40, but it's mild. The word arthritis is a catastrophe, doctor. Spare me your "milds!"

So, yeah. No running. No 5K.

And no Piyo. And he's the reason:

Stinker. His nap is right during the class. He will not sleep in the child care center. He is more than happy, however, to terrorize the people taking care of them.

My children had better all be Nobel-prize winning, concert pianist, Mother Theresa types. I'm going to make that clear because of all the Piyo I had to miss for them.

Back to my point. I'm having to do some physical therapy, using some weights.

This is the weight I'm using.

And, of course, the weights on either side of me.

I still deserve high fives. Because I got there.