Back Off the Disney Princesses

This picture showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday.


That's it. I'm standing up for them. The Disney princesses, I mean. And I mean, all of them, even the easy targets like Snow White and Cinderella.

I know they got married too fast, and that their waists were drawn too small, and that they should save themselves more instead of waiting for a man.

But they have faced challenges with optimism and grace. They believe in love. They work hard. They know how to ask for help.

This last quality is not popular for a woman to do in media today - especially not to ask for help from a man. But honestly, we need each other. We really do. And if I see one more 113 pound woman beat up a 275 pound man I am going to scream.

Women don't have to be just like men to be awesome. Women can be like women! And still be awesome!

So leave me my Disney Princesses, please.

P.S. I know people out there want to challenge tradition and be original thinkers and such, but could you please not put Snow White in a bikini top with whipped cream cans on her breasts? Thanks.


  1. I thought for sure that the way to empower women was to parade them around in underwear that had dessert-projectile capabilities. I've obviously been hiding under the wrong rocks... ;-)


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