Love Obligation Day

For Valentine's Day Tyler rented a limousine and whisked me to the airport where he flew me to San Francisco in a private plane and took me to see the opera.

No, kidding. Tyler is not Richard Gere (thank heaven) and I am not a prostitute with a heart of gold.

 I could actually do without Valentines day. (Let's throw New Year's in there, too. We could just call it "Day Off Day!")

We have our anniversary, birthdays, Mothers day, Father's day, even Christmas. It's so much love obligation I can't even take it.

The night we got engaged. December 24, 2004
So Tyler bought me some Ghiradelli milk chocolate with caramel and gave me a back massage. I bought him some of his favorite gum and promised to give him a back massage.

It was nice. Onto the next holiday. 

(I will take a second to thank him for giving me these little Valentines, though).