Snow Day

Our February has been sunny, with highs in the 60s. Playgroup in the park! In February! Hurraaay!

But wait. We're not getting enough snow. We might end up with a water crisis this summer. Boooo!

There have been some prayers for water around my house. We woke up Sunday to snow, and as of this morning it has not stopped.

And the best part is, it's supposed to be right back to sunny tomorrow! I'll take those snow days, wet and cold as they are. We get our water, endure a couple (few) days of being uncomfortable when we're outside, and are extra grateful for the next sunny day.

Waaaait a minute, I sense a life lesson coming....

Claire has had a little trouble in her reading group. There are a couple of girls who aren't all that interested in being her friend. Difficult for a mom to hear.

I volunteered in her reading group on Friday. And there was some definite whispering-in-the-ear,  exclusive giggling stuff going on. (I won't dwell on how I leaned over and whispered in Claire's ear so she could giggle over something exclusive. That would make me a twelve year old mother).

So I drove away feeling unsettled. "Wolves!" I thought. "I'm throwing my child to the wolves!"

Driving up the hill to my house I saw three women in their sixties walking together in the sun and laughing at something. For some reason that comforted me. Because I know that each of those women got teased, felt left out and were lonely. Do you know how I know? Because they're alive.

And someday (heaven willing) Claire will be 60. She will know herself well, she won't waste her time with people who don't like her. She will have some lifelong friends. And I hope she will go on walks in the sunshine with some of them.

And maybe the next time she gets her feelings hurt I will tell myself, "Snow Day." Snow days are important. They are a necessity, in fact. But sunny days are always ahead.

My bright, curious, grumpy, nurturing, playful Claire will get plenty of them.

And so I pray, amen.