Cul-de-sac of Life

The most wonderful thing happened this weekend. My dear friend of 15 years, Tara Bench, big time recipe developer/food stylist/former magazine editor extraordinaire graced little old Cedar City with her illustrious New York City presence.

This girl. She has been such a friend to me. And I didn't get a picture of us together! It's terrible! Inexcusable! And so like me.

So here's a picture of her.

She is the best. The Bench. The Benchiest. Someday I hope she will come through Cedar again, because honestly, I don't think I have the New York City in me anymore. At least not Times Square. That place is like a mosh pit! With taxi-cabs!

Back to Tara. Good friends are so precious. I wish for nothing more than to have all my family and forever-friends on a great, cosmic cul-de-sac where we can gossip and gripe and laugh and eat chocolate and watch each others' kids.

But I can't, so I'll take the rare, sweet times when we can get together, laugh, and reminisce, and she can tell me all this stuff about our past that I have completely forgotten.

Got to throw in a shout out to Tammy Porter, the third member of our trio. Someday we'll get that cosmic cul-de-sac, ladies!

Here's to dear old friends.