Marriage and Corporate Words

Convergence is an important component to marriage. Tyler and I diverge on a lot of stuff.

There are a few things we see completely, totally, 100%  eye-to-eye on:

1. Our children are the most magical beings that have ever graced the earth's surface.
2. Sleep is great.
3. Pizza is delicious.

Pretty sure that's it.

So we live our life in the dark gray area.


Tyler: PBS, Documentaries about physics and World War II
Debra: Friends, The Mindy Project, Top Chef
Tyler/Debra: Justified, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon

Tyler: Metallica, Cypress Hill
Debra: Michael Buble, John Mayer
Tyler/Debra: Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Michael Jackson

Debra: Dive with White sharks in Cape Town! Hang with nomads in Mongolia! Tango in Argentina!
Tyler: Go to an all inclusive resort on a beach. Never leave.

Tyler/Debra: Somewhere with a beach and really good restaurants and a few interesting sights. (And Paris someday so Debra can listen to Tyler speak French. And Hawaii so we can see an active volcano. And Italy where we will eat until we throw up).

So when I say "dark gray is one key to marital happiness," you'll know what I mean. And don't ask me what the other keys are, because I don't know!