Preschool Pick-up

Have you noticed all the great articles out there by the moms keepin' it real? I love it. It's kind of the trend now, warts and all, no filter, yadda yadda.

Except that...Cedar City. It is full of people who are like, "what's the internet?" and "I don't do swears" and such. (It's a testament to how awesome Cedar City is that I still like these people).

But this is what I looked like when I dropped Caroline off for preschool this morning.

And this is what I looked like two and a half hours later when I picked her up.

And you know what I'm going to say next. Skinny jeans. Tucked into cute tall boots. And blown out hair. And make-up. Everywhere. I. Look.

And I'm waltzing in wearing Tyler's t-shirt (accessorized with baby-spit and boogers), bleach-stained leisure pants and eyebrows that not only need to be tweezed, they need to be combed, and the hair! And why are you not embarrassed, Debra?

Well, I am, so there.

P.S. I have a very uncomplicated reason for sharing this. Because it's funny. Don't worry about me, I feel just fine about my little old self.

P.P.S. Tyler's T-shirt says "Back to Back World War Champs," by the way. I love it so much.


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