Snapshot of a Morning

So, he's sick. And by He I mean my three-year-old. And by three-year-old I mean THREE-YEAR-OLD. Because I haven't had one like him before. 

He can throw a tantrum for days. His single-mindedness is not only impressive, it is a talent. His tantrums are not explosive. More like a long, slow, suuuuuper annoying simmer, and they never end. He can follow you around the house like he has been surgically attached to you and there is nothing you can do about it.

All this to explain that this morning he started in on cartoons. He wanted cartoons. After a few whines and nos and whines and nos I could feel where this was going. I looked him square in the eye and with righteous anger I took my stand.

"I am not going to do this."

After a split second of quiet tension he countered. Yes, mommy. Yes, you are doing this.

Of course, he was right.

Later in the morning (yes, my morning has already been going for THREE HOURS), Crazy Eyes here gave me a makeover.

So here we are. You've heard about my morning and I get to check Blog off my list of Things to Do.

You can see in three hours I have made quite a bit of headway. What you don't see is the top of that list. Things like shower, and decide on dinner. Oh, you don't think they belong on a checklist? If I do it, I get to check it off.