The Old Faithfuls

There are three things in my life that can always be counted on to give me joy. You think I'm going to say my faith, my friends and my family.

Well, of course. Those are a given. But I'm actually talking about different things.

Hot showers.

Tyler sends the kids in sometimes and has them say something like "Mom, did you get lost in there?" If only, my dear children. If only.

Some will tell you it's chocolate. And chocolate is one of the great pleasure of life. But butter. Butter makes your bread delectable. Your sauces dreamy. I would rather have a teaspoon of butter than a cup of margarine. Actually, I would just rather have a cup of butter.


Ignore the bedspread that Tyler and I hate and look at those soft sheets. You don't know they're soft by looking but trust me, if they're my sheets, they must be.

Don't you want to climb in? So do I.

These things keep me going when I'm walking over graham cracker crumbs and picking up Magna-Tiles for the ten millionth time. And yes, sometimes I will slip into those sheets before I sweep the crumbs.

That makes me a winner! No matter what you say!