Wouldn't You Like to Get Away

There are few things that bring me more joy than a good TV show or movie. So, because I've been sitting here for 22 minutes trying to think of a blog post, I'm throwing out three movies that (1) are sweet, funny and quirky and (2) nobody watched.

(If you don't like swears, proceed with caution. I don't consider these egregious, but I will put up with a measure of profanity if the movie is good).

1. Ghost Town

Sweet, surprisingly romantic, and don't worry, you don't have to watch Ricky Gervais do a love scene. Funny, funny, funny.

2.  The Hammer

Adam Carolla is offensive sometimes, but always thoughtful and insightful. He was actually a boxer when he was younger, and this is a great movie about potential and friendship.

3. Safety Not Guaranteed

Funny, interesting, and unexpected.

There you go. Get in bed, pull the covers up, and watch all three if you can. If you are able to do something like that, I HATE YOU.

Happy weekend!