I Have Been in MEXICO - Part 2

Here's a little travelogue I don't want to forget.

One day in Cancun we lounged by the pool.

Yes, that's right. The above photo was clumsily doctored when I discovered the suit I was wearing was inappropriate. Pictures are much more enlightening than a mirror.

But let's talk inappropriate, really inappropriate. Because something much darker and more sinister happened that day. It started when The Stillmans and The Ferres got into the pool.

All was peaceful, until I noticed two things: (1) our husbands' swimsuits were sitting, soggy and alone, at the side of the pool, and (2) our husbands were smiling at us. Knowingly. Smugly.

Skinny-dipping? Only slightly better. Matching neon green speedos.

Keeping it small to protect the completely-and-entirely-not-innocent.

While Amber and I cowered in embarrassment, Tyler and Matt strolled to their loungers. Then, as if heaven were blessing this unholy act, we heard the strains of "Macho Man" over the pool's loudspeakers. Tyler and Matt apparently saw this as an omen to showcase their new Amazon purchases, taking turns strolling around the pool.

Out of compassion, I have spared you more pictures.

I don't even know how to end this post. I was hoping it would have a cathartic effect, but nay. I am forever scarred.