I Have Been in MEXICO

Where have I been, you ask? Well. Week before last I was preparing for a vacation.

Last week I was taking a vacation.

We went to Cancun with our couple friend, The Ferres.

I think Couple Friends are harder to find than a lifelong partner. Even The Ferres are not ideal since they live in Salt Lake. But we love them so, and we all ran away to Mexico together where the men wore matching neon green speedos (another blog post entirely) and the women indulged in annoyed giggling.

We ate, sat on the beach, drank pina coladas and daquiris (virgin so Mexico hated us), and shuffled to the little market for snacks at least three times a day.

It was heaven apart from missing and worrying about our twelve thousand children six and under. My only complaint, and I mean only, were these guys.

They shrieked and stalked around like they owned the place and squawked and shrieked and jumped around from tree to tree. Horrible black, squawking, shrieking devils. But even the Devils could not keep me from sleeping in and taking a full hour to wake up, which is how waking up was meant to be.

All in all, I could never be away from those kids for long. Until I am not away, and then I could stand to be away again. But the smiles and hugs and giggles. They drown me but I don't want to be without those little suckers! What the heck is that, anyway?
Love, you say? Well, duh.

Hundreds of places they could be. But mom in a corner is where it's at.