A Shot in the Dark

We are approaching a time in our society when you may not make any general observations about the nature of women based on their gender, ever. Certainly not if you're male.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that women tend to place rather high expectations on themselves. (How DARE you...oh, you have a vagina? You are made of bubbles and rainbows and bear no responsibility for the effects of your decisions in any way. Carry on).

To my original point, I am an exception. I like to sleep, I like to eat, and I like my time to myself, and I floated through my life taking the easiest way I could. Everything I've accomplished in life has been a side effect of a much more frivolous decision.

Kids came because....well, that's what you do when you're LDS.

Kristine Watterson takes a great picture.
Yes, I'm on my phone. And I'm holding a baby, so BACK OFF.

Law school came because...I thought I would feel a little cooler if I had a job with an office and a secretary.

Oh my gosh, I hated law school. But I loved Lanni.

 What did I find when I dove into these things that sounded so fun and cool? Hardest things I've ever done.

And directly counter to my intuition, so much more rewarding. For reasons I could never had imagined.

We're just walking around in the dark, people. We don't know what the F. Can I make this general observation about the human race or will the animals be offended?

Outside of those super annoying twelve-year-old concert pianists, it takes a lot of time to figure ourselves out. Certainly longer than 18 years. I'm grateful for the times that you take a shot in the dark and get it right.