Song Challenge

Last week I was feeling cuh-raaaazy ambitious, and I did this. In case you don't want to move your finger and click, I challenged myself to write a song I really liked and post it by today.

I had a few little unmentioned rules, like it couldn't be a song I had written before. It couldn't even be a song I had started but never finished. It had to be FRESH and piping hot!

On Thursday and Friday, I was feeling pretty good about my goal. I wasn't doing anything about it, but was, you know. Feeling good.

By Saturday there was a pit of dread in my stomach because, as previously mentioned, I hadn't done squat other than hum a few random lines here and there while I did dishes and laundry (my nemeses).

I'm kind of proud of myself, though, because even though inspiration wasn't coming, I made myself sit down a few times and write some really crappy stuff. Good for me!

Anyway, I hit on something when a little lyric about Tyler kept rolling around in my head ("when I talk you listen", in case you're wondering). Because I do talk. Oh, does that surprise you?

And I like it. So there.