Baby Bird Drama

While having some Little Caesars at the park the other day, my kids and I sat down right next to a baby bird that had fallen out of a tall tree.

Our worlds were totally rocked. It was very dramatic. The kids got as close as they could while their mom stayed as far as she could and tried to figure out what to do. Because, as a mother, with your kids watching, the last thing you are going to do is leave a baby bird to die.

This is about as intense as Caroline gets. And yes, that is pizza sauce on Matthew's face.

I called Cedar City Animal Control and pathetically asked them what to do. They didn't know! They directed me to the National Parks service line that handles problems with deer. Deer. Because we didn't know!

I told the deer lady about the bird and she totally knew what to do. I could have kissed all the confidence and self-assurance in her voice.

We were to put the bird up as high as we could in a tree or bush so the mother wouldn't feel threatened, and then get out of the way.

I was like, "you want me to touch it?"


Thankfully, the mother of the young boy that I barked at for trying to poke the baby bird did not have hard feelings. She, all 5'4 of her, picked up the bird and stretched herself as far as she could to put him in the crook of the tree from which he fell.

Then I had to kind of push him forward a bit because the nice mom was too short. Ew!

The cool thing was that the bird's mother swooped in not long after. No joke, she was chasing other birds away.

Moms! We are a safe place!