The Lowe family trip 2015 of course included a trip to Disneyland.

We were a vision in our matching blue shirts. It was awesome.

So sweaty. So crowded. So expensive.

We all know how Disneyland gets away with it. Those damn memories. The looks on your kids' faces. They know we would pay anything for that.

Honestly, Disneyland on that hot June day was totally like life. Shuffling through damp, suffocating crowds, struggling with crying babies who can't sleep in strollers, waiting in long lines with the sun beating down on you, all for a three minute ride.

But the ride. It's just so good, isn't it? That's the thing you're talking about at the end. Those few really good memories and moments.

I love that about the human race. Part of our resilience is the happiness we get from memories. And dang it if we're not always hoping for the next good thing.

Disneyland will continue to thrive on all the money we give them to allow us to be miserable in their house. All to the benefit of our children and their stockholders.

After trying my first $4 Dole Whip, I'm thinking about buying some Disney stock myself.