Happy Birthday Husband

Are we really starting the march toward our fifties?

This man is 41 today.

I had a singing engagement in Parowan (teeeeny little town north of Cedar) on Friday, and when I was done I asked Tyler how my singing was. Great.

And how was my pratter? You know, the in between stuff where I talk and joke and ingratiate myself with the audience? He thought for a minute, then told me I should dial down the self-depracation. That I should feel proud of the music I make.

"So you're saying I shouldn't ride the self-depracation train to Self-Depracationville?"

"And do NOT get off at the self-depracation station."

It's nice to have someone to challenge you a little, and support you a lot.

Tyler and I would most certainly change things about each other if we could. But I'm not interested in broadcasting that stuff. It's enough to assure you that we're far from perfect. Like, seriously. Really, really far.

I will, however, tell you things I like about him.

1. Kind. The man's got a good heart. He wants the best for people. He believes the best in them.

2. Father. I couldn't have asked for a more caring or involved father for my kids.

3. Works Hard. He. Works. Hard. At his job, in our yard, at whatever he's asked to do at church.

4. Fun. He's silly. He teases. He lightens me up, and I see him doing the same thing with the kids when they're doom and gloom.

5. Persuadable. He listens, really listens. He has opinions, very strong ones. But he's always willing to listen and show respect, even for an opinion different than his own.

I could go on, and certainly would if my kids weren't laughing at the thought of me doing something unrelated to them.

Happy Birthday, Tyler Stillman. Glad to know you.