Looking Back

It's Pioneer Day today, aaaaand Tyler already shared an awesome post about our 10 year anniversary. Which means you think I'm not going to talk about our 10 year anniversary.

Do you know me at all?

Ten years ago. Ten years ago I looked like this.

Now I look like this.

Somehow that goateed bastard looks even better.
Ten years ago he was here.

My dear, funny grandpa, Mardee "Popi" Kidd.
Ten years ago, he was here, too.

My lovely, special, beautiful Dad.
Now, this one is on an LDS mission.

My tall, strong nephew, Sam.
 And these ones exist.


So much can happen in 10 years.

My mom told me that marriage is the college of life. You may go, and you may stay, but you can count on marriage and parenting to reveal layers of truth. To shine a light on things as they really are. No, you are not extra-ultra-even-more-than-anyone-else-in love. Yes, having children shows you that you didn't know the meaning of true patience. And yes, you will stand there many times over the course of this family-raising, marriage-maintaining existence and say "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO."

It's humbling, so humbling. It's been good for me. Tyler has been good for me, and I love him.

Tyler and I have high school friends that are probably like, "ten years? Child, please, I do 10 years in my sleep."

Well, this is a milestone and I AM GOING TO REFLECT.


  1. You look beautiful then and now. I am soooo happy Tyler married you! We are the cool sisters-in-law and we need each other. Happy 10 years, that's totally worth celebrating.


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