Wherein I Humiliate Myself for the Sake of a Blog Post

We rented a beach house at Dana Point, California for our 2015 Lowe family trip (it just feels more honest to avoid the word "vacation").

This is what the beach looked like in the rental photos.

This is what the beach looked like.

I can't deny, though, sitting on that deck and watching our kids play with their cousins while the waves crashed on the shore (of rocks) was pretty heavenly.


The first morning I woke up with the young kids and saw this out the window.

A whale! I showed each of the kids. For an hour I watched the whale come up and go down. In the same place. Just staying in the same place.

Perhaps you're saying to yourself, Debra, didn't it occur to you that it might be a rock?

Actually, it didn't, Einstein.