Great Moms Make Boats

I have a very real problem with mommy guilt. I acknowledge that part of it is being too hard on myself. The other part of it is that I make mistakes, and I wish I didn't.

I've made a point to write something positive I've done with the kids every time I write in my journal. When I can look back and remember that I gave back tickles to Claire two weeks ago, I realize it's not all yelling at them to HURRY UP or long monologues wondering WHY THEY WON'T LISTEN.

We went up Cedar Canyon on Wednesday, our last hurrah before Claire started second grade the next day. I looked up how to make paper canoes. Something like this.

Freeze! Smile! Higher! Mom needs happy memories!
After many HURRY UPs and WHY WON'T YOU LISTENs we ended up in the car on our way to the canyon. We hiked down to a little stream and they played around for about 45 minutes before I decided I was too hot and they were too dirty.

How much time do you think it took for the boats to soak up water and just not even sail? No time. Literally, almost no time at all.

But I got my picture.