In Lieu of a Heavy Post

I just spent 20 minutes writing this post that was going to make you want to cry and punch people.

But I can't take that today, and I've decided that you can't, either. So here is a throwback to my and Tyler's wedding day.

The videographer wanted all this footage of us running through the flowers and stuff. There's a great section of it in our wedding video that will make you laugh every time.

Tyler and I kept looking at her like, "that's not really our style..." but she was adamant.

She insisted that he pick me up and twirl me around. We obeyed. There were these gusts of wind and my veil kept blowing in my face. Still, we said nothing.

We did not take a stand against cheesy wedding video-ness, and so by staying silent the evil occurred.


I learned something that day. About standing up for what's right.