Punch Rolling

My kids have a habit of talking to me at the same time.

I know. I know, they're just kids. But oh my gosh. It is one of the things that will turn me from Jekyl to Hyde in three seconds or less.

I used to sit on the phone with my sister and listen to her talk to her kids. "Mommy is a person," she said one day. "I am a person."

Oh, how I laughed. Motherhood was so funny, so charming! Kids all talk at you at the same time, that is straight up hilarious!"

They are, though.


Let me tell you when "it" is straight up hilarious. (1) In hindsight, and (2) when it's happening to someone else.

If you have a gift for laughing at the frustrations and absurdities of parenthood while they are happening, I applaud you. It is one gift I do not have. The best I can do sometimes is switch into neutral robot mode and make it to the next bedtime.

My favorite kinds of people are the ones that know how to roll with the punches. I'm not an especially gifted punch-roller, but turning me in to one has been my childrens' number one mission.

Clearly, this picture is a symbol of what has been done to us. I can say this honestly, though. I wouldn't give back an ounce of it.