We Know Who the Sun Is

Truman has been the pinnacle of our mountain, the cherry on top of our family sundae, the Stillman Everything since the day he was born.

We fawn over him. We adore him. I'm starting to worry that when he enters the adult world he'll be mystified that people aren't fighting to carry him somewhere. Or that he'll wonder why pointing and grunting didn't just make the entire room dissolve into delighted laughter.

I've noticed lately that he's stepping from that phase to the dreaded being in the way. The siblings that once oohed and ahhed over him now refuse to give him their toys. Can you imagine?

There is a popular game in our house titled "You Can Never Defeat Daddy"/"Defeat Daddy" (depending on who's talking about the game) that Truman hasn't gotten to be a part of yet. It perplexes him because he is actually not at THE CENTER. It's a new experience, and he's still processing it.

I got some great pictures of him processing it the other evening.

And then, I took a picture that I have been obsessing over ever since I took it.

If you know my children and pictures, you know that this photograph is a miracle. Now Tyler only has eleven years (when our oldest is an "adult") to get one that good with me in it.

Good luck, babe! You're going to need it.