Family Hike, Crazy Mom

Cascade Falls on Saturday. Southern Utah's crazy. You go to Zion's or Cedar Breaks or Bryce Canyon and you are meeting people from all over the world. And it's in our back yard.

The "Falls" in Cascade Falls actually aren't a huge deal. But the views are so beautiful and interesting and the air smells so good. So basically it's one of those "enjoy the journey" hikes.

Maybe now I'm going to start talking about being present and enjoying the simple moments because that's what it's all about. Just when you think I'm going to zig I zag! Woo!

I'm actually just going to post cute pictures of my kids because my brain is currently devoid of all fun, positive, original thought right now.

I know the non-fun and the non-positive would be such an interesting post. The things I could write would most certainly make you feel pretty good about yourself because that Debra, she's cuh-raaazy.

I want to give that to you, I do. But, like 90210's Kelly in the most important episode of that series, guys, I choose me.