You're Not Bad if You Want to Share the Good Stuff

Right now my kids are swinging, picking raspberries, and building potato bug habitats in the back yard.
Doesn't that just sound like a picture?

Never fear. An hour ago they were all zoned out in front of that infernal show Octonauts. I swear that if I hear Captain Barnacle's voice one more time I'm going to bust a cap on his cartoon polar bear butt.

Anyway. Right now they're picking raspberries and soaking up sunshine. But that's not all the time, is it?

Sometimes I'm a mom like this.

Most of the time I'm a mom like this.

Also, let's not forget the yelling. Which I don't have a picture of.

Sometimes Tyler and I are all:

Most of the time we're like:

I'm going to share the picturesque stuff. Please. Of course I am.

But now and again I will show you my double chin, and just what my toy room looks like most of the time.

Important Update: They are no longer playing happily in the back yard. They are now crowded in our little office area, talking/crying/screaming at me simultaneously, while I desperately try to finish this post.