It was LDS Conference this weekend. I come away from those weekends as light as air, and I am always super motivated.

Not just spiritually, either. Like, I'm going to read my scriptures daily and pray morning and night and give killer Family Home Evening lessons BUT ON TOP OF THAT I'm going to work out every day! I'm going to vocalize every day! I will also write a new song! Every week! I will save enough money to pay for studio time! Then I will record it!

I will clean the house once a week! Top to bottom! (Heh, kidding). But I do think I will clean the house every other week! Top floor on Wednesday, bottom floor on Thursday!

I will teach my kids kindness! Cleanliness! I will teach them to pray! I will teach them every single primary song! When they move out and go to college they will be fully functioning adults that can do their own laundry and cook actual meals! They will know what basil is!

I'm pretty sure the general authorities and auxiliary leaders would be like, "whoa, girl, didn't mean to turn you all manic."

Although, I will tell you. Back in August when this girl turned 7:

I took her little sister and we ate lunch with her in the lunch room.

Claire actually looked at me and asked what that was on my lips. And in my earlobes.

Perhaps I should do daily prayer, scriptures, and makeup.